Ability Wyoming's mission:

​Lots of families that have children with disabilities, face challenges of access to healthcare, support in schools and the special needs their children need to have a functional and exceptional childhood​

Mental Health


Neurological Disorders​

​Families of Children 
​with Disabilities ​​

​The Ability Wyoming Program

is a future goal of the

Wyoming Epilepsy Association

​The Disabled Veterans population in Wyoming struggles to overcome various disabilities develop during their service within the military. This population needs to be able to obtain the services they need to overcome their challenges.​

Wyoming Epilepsy Association want this program to help us all learn to work together as a team, learn from each other and determine at least two policy changes, which shall be addressed within the Wyoming Legislation every other year.

​General Populations that want to make changes for people with Disabilities.​

Developmental Disabilities

​As we all know our Senior Population in Wyoming is growing and is starting to become more isolated in nursing homes, assisted living centers and need services to have more integration in community life.

​​The major goal is to integrate all disabled populations together as a team, Then teach them that they have a voice and the right to make choices. By, providing education about socialization, advocacy and civil rights skills this collaborative effort will improve their quality of life within all communities....

​Ability Wyoming

​The Developmentally Disabled population in Wyoming struggles to overcome challenges to be integrated into a stable community setting and establishing the independence needed to live on their own, without the need of supportive services.

People with mental health and neurological disorders face challenges everyday. They can strive to make the changes needed to provide better health services, etc...  

​Disabled Veterans


​People today are seeing the disabled population struggling to make a change in having a independent lifestyle. They need your help in make those changes.

​​Wyoming Epilepsy Association

 ​To integrate the developmental disabilities population and other disabled populations.and learn ​socialization, advocacy and civil rights skills

​Ability Wyoming Programs Goal: