Wyoming Epilepsy Association

Wyoming Epilepsy Association

Personal Stories

About People With Developmental Disabilities And Epilepsy


  • Advocacy accomplishments.
  • Learning how you deal with your epilepsy/seizure disorders.
  • Educating others about epilepsy or a disability.
  • Special Projects you have accomplished.

Share your story or video by Emailing it to: wyoepilepsy@gmail.com


​Wyoming Epilepsy Association wants to have you share your challenges with us. We like stories where you have provided education to the community about, Epilepsy, Developmental Disabilities, and other related Disabilities

Share Your stories with us, this will help others learn from you which is important to the people who face challenges with their healthcare issues.

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Your Donations and Support would help in developing community awareness to assist in materials and support for people to share their stories at community events.