• ​​WYSAIL:  Leaders: Are individuals with Developmental Disabilities who are trained                      to develop and lead their chapters, by focusing on issues that affect their                      quality of life within their communities. 
  • WYSAIL:  Regions will discuss, work together as a team and vote on issues that                          could be presented to legislators as education, to inform the legislative                        body on how these changes can improve their quality of life, within the                          community and state.
  • WYSAIL:  Regions will focus on two issues that all city/regions voted for to address                      during legislative sessions.
  • WYSAIL:  Members will be trained in how to make choices and communicate in an                      effective manner, to have the choices they want for themselves.
  • WYSAIL:  Members will learn about their civil rights as a citizen and how to speak up                  in an effective manner to uphold their rights.
  • WYSAIL:  Members will learn how to vote and communicate with their community                        leaders.
  • WYSAIL:  Members will be required to be involved with community groups like:                             Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, Community Partnerships, etc.
  • WYSAIL:  Members will play a large role in classes learning how to share their stories                  with others.
  • WYSAIL:  Members will learn that they are an important part of their community.

Wyoming State Advocates in Leadership (WYSAIL)

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​Wyoming State Advocates in Leadership

Wyoming State Advocates in Leadership

Our Vision

To develop leaders with developmental disabilities that can learn the skills to develop advocacy groups and teach others with developmental disabilities to stand up for the rights, choices, and address legislative ideas in a productive way,

     All people with developmental disabilities are valued in their community, have control over their own lives, and have the necessary resources to live a life of quality.

That vision is captured in three words:
· Dignity
· Equality
· Empowerment

Wyoming State Advocactes In Leadership

Our Mission

​​​Main Objective:

To develop WYSAIL Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Regions across the State of Wyoming

WYSAIL is a program developed by Wyoming Epilepsy Association that is working towards become a standalone Non-Profit organization.

The WYSAIL program is designed to train individuals with developmental disabilities to develop leadership skills and use those skills to develop 5 Regional Areas in Wyoming with city groups throughout those regional areas, which will work together to improve the quality of life in their communities.

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