WEA believes that their are great resources that can provide the additional support within each community to help improve the quality of life,

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Advocacy Programs are an important part of understanding how to communicate about your civil rights and choices you want to change.

  Educational Programs

Epilepsy & Disabilities

​We are fortunate to be a part of the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. This will help bring programs, services, and support to the people of Wyoming who live with epilepsy.

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Wyoming Epilepsy Association has discovered over the years, that supporting
people with Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders and Developmental Disabilities
improves their quality of life, allows ​them to become
​more involved in community and social activities. 


​is  important to help people with Epilepsy 

Professional Resources
Community Services

Our Educational Programs provide the opportunity to learn how to overcome

the challenge's face with

 Epilepsy and Disabilities.

​ Has different programs that provide simple comprehensive ways to understand epilepsy and other health related issue.

Wyoming Epilepsy Association