After years of addressing epilepsy, seizures disorders, developmental disabilities, and doing one on one sessions with clients about their needs in regards to understanding epilepsy.

WEA has decided to start focusing on the following Topics:

  • Epilepsy Education.
  • Disability Education.
  • ​Physician Communication.
  • Advocacy in general.
  • Advocacy Leadership skills to the Developmental Disabilities Population.
  • Sharing Stories.
  • Developing Videos about people’s struggles with epilepsy or developmental Disabilities.
  • Providing education to providers.
  • Bring more community awareness about disabilities.

Education and being active is an important part of your Life! Start being active in your community and get awareness out about: Epilepsy & Developmental Disabilities

My Epilepsy Team

MyEpilepsyTeam Is The Social Network For Those Living With Epilepsy. Get The Emotional Support You Need From Others Like You, And Gain Practical Advice And Insights On Managing Treatment Or Therapies For Epilepsy. MyEpilepsyTeam Is The Only Social Network Where You Can Truly Connect, Make Real Friendships, And Share Daily Ups And Downs In A Judgment-Free Place.

Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders

A Wyoming Resource Guide for Parents
Epilepsy Guide

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